Citidev was founded and is led by Alek Juretic and Jason Lindley. They are masters at the craft of construction, but it’s their quality approach—their engineering and project management backgrounds—and their absolute attention to detail that sets them apart from other construction firms. When you work with Citidev, you are hiring more than a construction team—you are hiring consummate professionals and craftsmen who will leave you with a finished piece that is, quite simply, a work of art. To find out just what makes Citidev different from other construction firms, keep reading. You’ll see that our five points of differentiation—quality, project management , scheduling, budget, and value are what makes our process easy, clear, and upfront, from the very beginning. We take careful measures, at every step, to ensure that you know exactly how long the process will take and how much it will cost, so that you won’t be left with a surprise bill or delayed project. Most importantly, you’ll actually enjoy the construction process when you work with us. At Citidev, our trademark is meeting your high-standards. Learn how we do it.


We know you have discerning taste and are meticulous about details, which is why you’ll love working with the Citidev team. We are, quite simply, obsessed with making sure that every aspect of the project, unseen and seen, is expertly crafted and installed. Our years of experience, training, and eye for style mean that we carefully evaluate each step of the process to make sure that the finished product will be flawless. We closely examine the angles, symmetry, and evaluate how each element fits in the overall space we are creating. We work closely with your design team to ensure that the end result aligns with your vision.

The result? Quality, inside and out.


“The craftsmanship and vision Citidev provided was extraordinary…”

Elizabeth Mumm Meier, Real Estate Investor and Developer

Project Management

When you’re looking to hire a construction company, project management is one of the most important qualities to evaluate. The way a firm manages the subcontractors, permits, budget, and timeline will either make the project seamless, or turn it into a frustrating endeavor. An experienced, detailed project manager will anticipate problems before they happen, proactively address issues, and clearly communicate with you and the team. To keep your job on-budget and on-schedule, and ensure that the finished work is of the highest quality, check the firm’s references and project management track record.

At Citidev, our project management capabilities are one of our hallmarks. In fact, we’ve built our firm on our ability to meticulously direct each project. We personally oversee every aspect of your process—from permitting, to communicating with neighbors, to finding design solutions. Our project management is pure professionalism. We guarantee it.


“… Citidev’s relationship with a very strong group of employees and subcontractors is admirable and provides for an amazing finished project.”

Elizabeth Mumm Meier
Real Estate Investor and Developer


One of the most challenging aspects of remodels and construction is scheduling. Design changes, existing structure issues that must be navigated, material deliveries, and even neighbor relations can all throw a curve ball to the scheduling process. To keep a project moving on-time and completed when promised, we don’t simply schedule out forward – we consider a mix of factors, including historical data, designer availability, permits, and material delivery logistics.

We take our scheduling seriously. Remodeling your home is an inconvenience, and we don’t want you to be displaced or have to work around construction any longer than is necessary. Here are some of the methods we employ to keep your project on-schedule:

Historical data: When we bid out your job and develop your schedule, we look closely at all of the details that will go into your home’s construction. We reference historical data from our previous projects to help us estimate our timelines.

Owner Furnished Contractor Installed (OFCI): If you decide you’d like to order fixtures or appliances yourself, we’re happy to help you stay on-target so that the project moves along smoothly. We’ll build you a timeline so you know when you need to select, receive, and have the items delivered.

Careful Crew Planning: Good scheduling requires knowing our crews and bringing in extra crews, if needed, to keep the job on our timeline. We’ll do what it takes to get the job done.

Consultation Availability: When you work with Citidev, you’ll build a relationship with the company principals, Alek Juretic and Jason Lindley. Whatever your question, whatever your need, the company principals work directly with you so that your project stays on-task.


“Citidev is extremely professional and understands the needs of the developer and the importance of delivering on time.”

Paul Kraaijvanger, Real Equity Group LLC


When you solicit construction bids for your project, you’ll most likely find a wide-cost range in the proposals. We advise you to look over the bids carefully and have your architect review the costs—often, contractors will keep bids low by not including items that they’ll later require a change order for, which ultimately drives up the cost of your project.

Our approach, as in everything we do, is different. We take our time with our bidding process and evaluate potential issues in the foundation or house structure that could require additional work. We find efficiencies by personally managing projects, instead of hiring outside superintendents, and we only hire subcontractors whose reputation we trust through past work.

Our ultimate delivery to you? Value engineering. We pride ourselves in completing jobs masterfully and paying attention to every detail – even the unseen – without adding on work that won’t add value, structural integrity, or beauty to the finished project.


Remodel jobs have a reputation for being a process that overpromises and underdelivers. If you work with a contractor who offers a lower bid, yet manages the project poorly, increases the price through change orders, doesn’t schedule properly, and does not anticipate structural elements prior to the job commencing, are you really getting a better value?

At Citidev, ultimately, every step in our process – quality, project management, schedule, and budget all lead to value. We deliver unsurpassed dependability and we build a relationship with you. Our value engineering process is truly our hallmark. We invite you to experience the Citidev difference for yourself.

If you would like referrals on our past projects, contact us—our work, experience, and reputation speak for themselves, and we’re proud to provide referrals from our previous clients, architects, and engineers.


“…From budgeting, to executing on the plans, and completing the work professionally ahead of schedule, they professionally handled it all.”

Paul Kraaijvanger, Real Equity Group LLC

Who We Are

Principals and Founders

Citidev was founded by Alek Juretic and Jason Lindley, who met while employed for a San Francisco construction firm. The pair realized their shared work ethic, vision, and high-standards set them apart in the field. They founded Citidev to address many of the weaknesses they saw in the construction industry—they wanted to build a firm that went above-and-beyond other companies by offering the highest-quality work, backed by careful project management, scheduling, and budgeting.

Citidev is changing construction standards—meet the founders and learn why.


“Citidev was creative and solution oriented– they were driven and careful, they knew what not to worry about and what to spend time deliberating on so that the finishes came out perfectly.”

Jeff Schlarb, Principal Designer

Alek Juretic

Alek Juretic approaches each project through an engineering and artistic lens. Trained as an electrical engineer in his native Croatia, Alek also studied computer design and was an accomplished musician. He began working in construction after he moved to San Francisco, and he quickly rose up the ranks in his firm.

Alek works closely with clients, and he oversees projects, scheduling, and budgets. He prides himself in his personal time investment to ensure that each client is happy with the work.

Jason Lindley

Jason Lindley received his formal construction training at Central Manchester Building College in the United Kingdom, where he was also trained as a plumber. He has spent over twenty years in the construction field, working on high-end projects all over the world, including renowned buildings such as the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

For 15 years, Jason has worked in San Francisco and the Bay Area. His familiarity with City regulations and building codes helps him move projects through expertly. As a master craftsman, Jason personally works on finish and structural work on Citidev’s projects.