Elizabeth Street

What started as a simple remodel of a master bedroom transformed into a remodel of the owner’s entire condo. This award-winning project has been featured in Dwell magazine and epitomizes modernity. The beauty of this home lays in its material simplicity and cohesive unity. Modern minimalism derives from making design decisions on an as-needed basis. The extraneous becomes frivolous. With less visual clutter, the details become paramount. Creating a minimalist look is far from a minimalistic task. With less details, precision is vital. It takes a talented team of artisans to insure that every minute detail is perfect.

The level of precision in this home is godly. Every line, every object, every moment, they are few and they are perfect. The door panels conceal themselves into the walls, as the hinges and hardware are out-of-sight. Solid glass walls runs along the stairs, displacing the need for unsightly railings. Calacatta Marble coats the bathroom walls and gray Venetian plaster walls provide a subtle but transformative effect throughout the home.

Like many San Francisco properties, there were significant challenges getting the materials on-site. For instance, the structural steel I-beams had to be craned in 75 yards away from the Whole Foods parking lot. Challenges such as these are inevitable on projects of this magnitude. The ability to swiftly and efficiently overcome obstacles is characteristic of the Citidev team.


“Citidev team did a beautiful job of turning our very specific custom designs into reality and the results speak for them selves. My San Francisco condo went from average to a work of art that I’m very proud of.  Even got published in Dwell magazine.”

Tom Conrad,  home owner