Greenwich High-End Development

Greenwich is a high-end development project which radically transformed the existing site from a skeleton of 3 stories and 2,800 SF, to a 5,000 SF, 5-story home. This extensive remodel included adding a story above and a story below. The new upper level reveals breathtaking views of Alcatraz and San Francisco Bay. The new lower level opens out to a terraced garden and BBQ space. To add these additional floors, the entire home was lowered, 350yd3 of soil were excavated, and 12’ retaining walls were installed to protect the foundations of the adjacent buildings. The delicacy needed to execute this engineering feat can not be overstated. To protect the new subsurface building, an intensive waterproof membrane was installed, completely wrapping and sealing the entire foundation.

The building’s design is sleek and provocative. Disproving the simplistic idea that style is defined by stereotypical constraints, Greenwich cohesively fuses design elements from the past and present to generate a contemporary home that truly is one-of-a-kind. Ornate and elegant Victorian moldings run throughout the space. Exquisite marble surfaces exist in bountiful grandeur, including black marble window sills. In harmonious juxtaposition, solid surface cabinetry and modern fixtures boldly rest upon the light Oak floors. This exquisite project displays the harmony that develops when skilled artisans come together.


“Working with Citidev is always a great experience. What I always appreciate is their expert knowledge of construction and details so our designs can really shine. Invariably there are always new things we’re trying on our projects, and that never phases them.  The team is great at project management, flexible, critical thinkers and fun to work with. A+.”

Jeff Schlarb, designer & developer